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Apr 14
So I am almost a year with my boyfriend, but I just wondered how to make sex exciting again. Im fine with now but it seems to be the same? It gets bored? Maybe trying new things ? What do you guys think?
Apr 14
Have sex everywhere! Couch, kitchen table, shower, car, public toilets etc. Into being dominated? If you haven’t tried, but want to, start easy by just blindfold (you can use a scarf), tied hands (use scarf), light spanking and dirty talk. Tease each other in public, and when you get home he will be all over you. There’s a lot of stuff you can do to make sex interesting Xx
Apr 14
^yeah different locations are good. It’s mixes things up forsure. Hotel sex is also amazing.... just a thought 😏
Apr 15
I agree with @miichaela my boyfriend and I have been having sex for a couple months now and we sort of had this same old routine and I eventually told him that I’m getting a little bored with it and we tried different locations. We’ve done it in my car, on his living room couch, in the movie theatre (before people walked in, I was so mad) we’ve also done it at the park before. It’s a thrill doing it in public. Being dominated is fun, my boyfriend has tied me up before with a tie because I don’t have a scars. Also teasing is good too. I’m like the Queen or Tease, according to my boyfriend, whenever we’re out at a movie I’ll rub my hands on his pants or if we’re at dinner and I’m wearing a dress or a skirt I’ll take my panties off and pass them to him under the table. Fifty shades tricks basically but hey, it works! Just do what makes you comfortable but don’t be afraid to try new things

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