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Feb 15 17
So I got my period on the 4th I've been taking my first pack of pills on the 25th. So far I've taken all my active pills and 2 placebo. It's been about 40 days since I've gotten my period. I've never missed a pill and I'm a perfect user. But I'm worried. And I havnt had any pregnancy symptoms. Is it possible to be on the pill and not get your period? Brand: Alysena 28
Feb 15 17
have you taken all of your pills on time? have you accounted for any vomiting or diarrhea or medications that may interfere with your BC? did you have sex after you had entered your protection period? if all of these are yes, then you don't have anything i worry about in my opinion. BC can lighten or reduce your period entirely. and, as you've only been on your break for two days, you still have the remainder of the week to bleed this time. if you're worried, take a pregnancy test!
Feb 15 17
Did you have unprotected sex before you were fully protected?
Feb 15 17
@marasays yes I've taken them all perfectly. I havnt been taking any medications only Advil. And yes I had sex after my protection shield showed that it was green. Hopefully I get my period during the rest of my break week. I might just take a test just incase but I'm a lot less worried now. Thank you so much.
Feb 15 17
@VCifer No i made sure that my shield was green before I even started to have sex again.

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