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Feb 15 17
Okay girls you must all be tired of all my rambling. So I am getting my IUD today and just this morning I started my period. Wish me luck!
Feb 15 17
Please tell us your experience. I am highly considering a mirena hormonal iud but am a little freaked out. Good luck.
Feb 15 17
good luck, you'll do fine :)
Feb 15 17
Thanks! I will for sure post my experience.
Feb 15 17
I am at the doctor's office now. Hopefully they call me in soon
Feb 15 17
Good luck, keep us updated :)
Feb 16 17
How did it go? @virdy
Feb 16 17
I apologize for posting this late. Well, I have to admit I was REALLY like REALLY scared of getting the IUD. First of let me mention some things about me: I am 22, have never had children. I got the copper IUD. The whole visit took about one hour max. First I got my weight and blood pressure taken. So the lady took me into the room, made me a few questions like "have u had a pap test? Are you in a monogamous relationship?" Then she instructed me to give an urine sample and to undress from the waist down. That the doctor would be in shortly. I was so freaking nervous. So i waited in the room for another ten minutes and finally the nurse came. She asked me what we were doing in this visit. I told her that I was getting the Copper IUD. She instructed me to lay on the bed and open up legs: girls to be honest she didn't open me up as much. And to pull my bottom toward her. At first she used the clamp to open me up and although at first I felt a pinch sensation and that was more uncomfortable than painful. In this part pain was only a 3 at the most. Then came the cleaning of my uterus I think? I apologize for not being clear enough but I didn't exactly stare at what she was doing I was more focused on thinking about something else. She used a cotton swab to clean. That tickled a bit. Then came the felt like it came from the sides of my stomach and into the middle where it subsided. It couldn't have lasted more than two minutes. Not UNBEARABLE. just uncomfortable. Moderate cramp. Btw they gave me 2 ibuprofen pills before the procesure started like when I was first in the room. I slightly felt the T come in but nothing major at all. She was finished soon after. I laid there for about 5 minutes max and felt well enough to get up, get dressed and leave. In conclusion it is not something to get scared about, its a quick procedure and pain was not major at all. I think I was more uncomfortable more than anything. Quick and easy. I hope I was clear enough but ask me questions if you want to. Maybe I should of asked about how to feel the strings but I just wanted to get out of there. She said that the month appt wasn't necesarry but to do one in three months if I wanted to. Cramps have not been BAD at all. Normal cramps during some periods of the day but not BAD very light cramps. Bleeding is normal at the time. I ate an apple before the procedure maybe that helped me not faint.
Feb 16 17
And I did start my period today. We will see how it goes..
Feb 16 17
I'm glad! It sounds like it wasn't bad at all. Mine was unbearable I cried the whole time lol. To feel the strings you just reach up and make sure they are there don't pull on them or anything!
Feb 16 17
I guess I am just lucky but I am still a little uneasy about feeling them. Fingers into the vagina and they should be there right? Did u get the hormonal one?
Feb 16 17
Make sure you reach all the way up - if you haven't felt your cervix before it's like a little squishy donut shaped organ.

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