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Feb 15 17
Why is it so important is you missed a pill when you start then after your break week. What's the deal if you do?
Feb 15 17
This doesn't make sense, you need to take pills correctly to be protected. If you miss a pill, you need to take 7 active pills correctly until you're protected. If you miss a pill before your break week is due, you aren't protected during your break week. Like I said, you need 7 active pills to be taken on correct time to be protected. Hopefully this answered your question.
Feb 15 17
Break week is a very sensitive time protection-wise because you are already going 7 days without hormones. Many woman even have significant follicular development during break week, but do not get pregnant because they start their packs on time. Extending your break week in any way (starting early or late) allows too much time without hormones.
Feb 15 17
I took it at 1239 I always take it at 725 on my forth day after break weej
Feb 15 17
Extending can cause you to ovulate. Just like missing pills does. Missing the first or last is extremely important not to do because it makes you unprotected for the previous week and up to 4 weeks as well.
Feb 15 17
So you took a pill late 4 days after starting your new pack? Or you didn't take any active pills until 4 days after break week?

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